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AE wins multiple awards and praise

As the new year commences, AE has been receiving continuous good news and achievements across its business sectors, reaping the fruits of its efforts and innovation.



Over the past few days, the winners of 2023 "Henan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award" were announced. The project Innovation and Application of Key Technologies in Intelligent Conveying Equipment for Automotive Industry Coating Workshops by AE has been honored with the Second Prize of the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

The technology autonomously completes the entire process conveyance for automotive coating, catering to the intelligent and flexible requirements of co-line painting for a variety of vehicle models and specifications. It represents a mature system of key technologies for information-conveying equipment in the coating process of automotive production. The project has been promoted and applied in over 100 automotive factory projects across more than 20 provinces (including municipalities directly under the Central Government) by over 30 renowned automobile brands, achieving a domestic market share of over 30%, and has also expanded into international markets, with successful applications in more than 12 factories across over ten countries abroad.



In recent times, the 6th National Technical Committee 186 on Foundry Machinery of Standardization Administration of China held its 5th working meeting and standard review conference in Nanning, Guangxi. During the meeting, advanced groups and individuals in the foundry machinery standardization for the year 2023 were commended. AE was honored with the title of "International Standard Formulation Unit". In recent years, while vigorously developing its EPC business, the foundry division of the Company has also steadily advanced the standardization. Actively participating in the activities of standardization associations, the Company has been involved in the formulation of 4 international standards that have been published. Additionally, out of the national standards, industry standards, and technical specifications it has contributed to, 13 have already been released.



Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau issued the Announcement of the List of the Top 100 Young Eagle Enterprises, Gazelle Enterprises, Leading Science and Technology Enterprises for Cultivation, and Leading Science and Technology Enterprises based on a Comprehensive Evaluation in Tianjin for the Year 2023. AE was selected as one of the top 100 leading science and technology enterprises in Tianjin for 2023. Tianjin initiated a tiered nurturing program for "young eagle-gazelle-leading" enterprises in 2019. AE was awarded the "Tianjin Leading Science and Technology Enterprise Qualification Certificate" in 2019, was included in the List of the Top 25 Leading Science and Technology Enterprises based on 2021 Comprehensive Evaluation in Tianjin, and successfully passed the re-evaluation for leading science and technology enterprises in Tianjin in 2023.



In the recent past, the Project with an Annual Production of 300,000 Sets of Lynk&Co Auto Parts of Zhejiang Jirun Meishan Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., which was undertaken by AE in terms of engineering design, has been awarded the "Excellent Cooperative Supplier" prize. The project team from AE, adhering to the project schedule, maintained efficient communication with the client, meticulous planning, prompt responses, and timely delivery of high-quality design for each stage of the project. This ensured the smooth construction and successful commencement of production for the project, receiving high praise from the project owner.



Lately, the new factory construction project of Taizhou Lingsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., for which the SCIVIC of AE undertook the survey and design, has been commended by the client. The client highly recognized the project team for their collaborative division of labor, proactive approach, and timely completion of the design tasks with assured quality and quantity during the actual project process.



Not long ago, the Green Intelligent Manufacturing Project with an Annual Production of 7.5 Million Sets of Filters of Parker Hannifin, which was under the EPC of AE, received commendation from the client. In their letter of appreciation, the client acknowledged the efforts and achievements of AE in design and construction and also expressed higher expectations and earnest hopes for the future development of the project.