• Industry-leading technology.
    Industry-leading technology.
    With more than 100 national patents and several industry leaders, AE has a leading position in product R&D and technological innovation, and its casting technology is in a leading position in China. AE dominates the high-end market. The flexible manufacturing system of automobile longitudinal beams of AE is the best in China.
  • Comprehensive and systematic service.
    Comprehensive and systematic service.
    Comprehensive casting process design, systematic technical service, professional equipment research and development, distinctive casting equipment and mature project management mode—all these together provide the one-stop service for casting engineering construction, making the overall contracting performance in a leading position.
  • Complete R&D and manufacturing.
    Complete R&D and manufacturing.
    AE possesses integrated R&D and manufacturing bases, which strongly supports the core advantages of casting and forging equipment. Many products have great influence in the industry and have a high market share.
  • Professional project management.
    Professional project management.
    With the scientific and complete management system standards, advanced design methods, rich construction experience and excellent project team, we are able to help customers to construct projects faster, cheaper, safer and with higher quality.