AE Strategy

Provider of global engineering system value services

"Focused, lean and high-quality development" is the keynote for AE to promote enterprise reform and development and realize transformation and upgrading during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. AE adheres to the vision of becoming a "provider of global engineering system value services" by focusing on fulfillment of main responsibilities and businesses and highlighting core capacity building to provide customers with integrated and one-stop services covering the whole engineering service industry chain, strives for global expansion to related industries with our main advantages and core competitiveness in the industry, and aims for "platform-based" development and building of an industrial "ecosystem" to maintain a "co-creation and sharing, harmonious and win-win" relationship with customers and partners. By keeping up with the development trend of cutting-edge technologies in the automobile industry and survey and design industry, AE also strives to build and improve the core competitiveness of three main businesses, i.e., engineering technical service, engineering procurement construction and equipment supply. With professional advantages and resource endowments, AE will further enhance mature core businesses, develop emerging businesses with a certain scale, and explore new promising businesses.

Focused, Lean and High-quality Development


Devote to "platform-based" development

Build an industrial "ecosystem".



Co-creation and sharing

Realize the extension and coverage of the whole life cycle of the project and the whole industrial chain of the business, and provide customers with a "co-creation and sharing" platform through system services.



"harmonious and win-win"

Further integrate the industry supply chain and build a "harmonious and win-win" industrial ecosystem with partners through utilization of core competitive advantages and "industry head effect".