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Zhou Kaiquan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Sinomach, and his parties conduct research at AE


On January 9, Zhou Kaiquan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Sinomach, and his parties arrived at AE to conduct specialized research on internationalization. The purpose of the visit was to gain an in-depth understanding of overseas business development. During the visit, Zhou Kaiquan expressed his appreciation to the employees who have been working diligently overseas for an extended period. Furthermore, he engaged in discussions with team members to explore strategies for enhancing the international competitiveness of automotive engineering. Peng Yuanpu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinomach Automobile, Dai Min, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Sinomach Automobile and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of AE, and Jia Xijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of AE, accompanied the research visit.

During the research visit, Zhou Kaiquan attentively listened to the reports on the progress of AE's new energy vehicle project in the United States, as well as the implementation of the Company's overseas strategy and business development. Zhou Kaiquan fully acknowledged the hard work and significant achievements of the overseas team and expressed appreciation for AE's success in gaining the trust of important international clients. To further strengthen and expand the automotive equipment business, Zhou Kaiquan proposed requirements in four aspects:

1. Conduct a thorough review. Maintain a focus on problem-oriented and goal-oriented approaches, systematically identify weaknesses in advanced technology, management capacity, and system construction, and concentrate on making improvements and enhancements.

2. Accelerate digital transformation. Fully utilize digital technologies to enhance management effectiveness, increase production efficiency, and mitigate associated risks, aiming to develop digital solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle of automotive engineering.

3. Enhance political stance. Understand the significance of overseas business development from the perspective of promoting the Chinese path to modernization and enhancing core functionalities and competitiveness, with a focus on accelerating the process of internationalization.

4. Strengthen safety and compliance management. Firmly establish a concept of compliance and safety, effectively carry out safe production, and prevent and mitigate compliance risks.



Peng Yuanpu guided AE in addressing the current prominent issues in their overseas business. He noted that, first, it is important to draw on the localized management strategies of successful sister companies in their international businesses. Second, there should be an enhancement in the internal exchange of overseas experience and a clear definition of the role of the overseas operation center.



Dai Min expressed his appreciation for the affirmation of AE's work by the group leaders. He noted that the overseas strategy is a key part of AE's 14th Five-Year Plan. In response to current opportunities and challenges, AE will adhere to a development principle for its overseas business that emphasizes "stability, prudence, safety, compliance, controllability, sustainability, and a long-term approach". By strengthening capabilities and standardizing systems, AE aims to ensure steady and enduring progress in its overseas business, thereby fostering the high-quality development of the Company.

Related personnel from the Operations Management Department and the Office of Sinomach participated in the discussion.