Social Responsibility

Automotive Engineering Corporation (“AE”) integrates the concept and requirements of social responsibility into the existing management system. Taking sustainable development as the core and aiming to realize the comprehensive economic, environmental and social values, AE actively explores its own social responsibility management mode, enhance communication with all stakeholders, comprehensively carry out activities for promoting social responsibility management, and strive to create the optimal comprehensive value.

Dialogue with stakeholders

Actively exchange views with customers, employees, partners, shareholders and other social stakeholders, innovate communication methods and channels, actively respond to the demands of all parties, and make every effort to form a good interaction with stakeholders.

Adhere to compliant operation

Strictly abide by national laws and regulations, international practices and business ethics, accept government and public supervision, strengthen risk management and internal audit comprehensively, improve corruption prevention and punishment mechanism, and the internal quality and value creation ability of the company through compliant operation.

Enhance innovation and development capabilities

AE always insist on leading development with technological innovation and continuously improving competitiveness and our innovation is based on customer requirements and leading technology and manufacturing trends. We have been providing customers with sustainable product solutions and services for many years, with an average annual R&D investment accounting for more than 5% of the revenue.

Build green and high-quality projects

We should regard the engineering quality as the guarantee for enterprises to expand markets and continuously improve the quality management ability and level. With the concept of "protecting environment during engineering construction", we should improve environmental management in the whole process from design to construction and operation, and minimize the impact of business operation on local environment.

Pursue customer satisfaction

Always stick to the development concept of "customer-oriented". Customer satisfaction is the highest standard of our products and services. We pay attention to customer experience evaluation, establish an agile feedback mechanism for customer service, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and strive to cultivate a harmonious relationship with customers for mutual benefit, win-win and long-term cooperation.

Create a healthy supply chain

We always adhere to strict supply chain management and maintain good independence in the procurement process. Sticking to transparent subcontracting procurement, we deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, continuously strengthen anti-commercial bribery measures, strive to build a first-class supply chain, and establish an honest and stable strategic cooperative relationship with high-quality suppliers to provide guarantee for high-quality projects.

Cope with climate change

We continue to pay attention to climate change, integrate the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction into enterprise operations. Taking energy conservation and emission reduction as an important means to cope with climate change, we build and improve related management systems and incorporate it into long-term development strategic planning.

Protect employees' rights and interests

Respecting and protecting employees' rights and interests was taken as an important basis for the healthy development of employees. With an open, fair and equal employment principle, we build a platform for employees' growth and create a healthy, safe and developing working environment, so that every employee can work and live happily.

Make contributions to charity

We call on every employee to actively participate in public welfare activities and make the world a better place with sincere and practical actions. Through poverty alleviation, disaster relief and extensive and sustained voluntary service activities, we will continue to send the timeliest assistance to areas and people in need.