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Dai Min, Chairman of Automotive Engineering Corporation, Supervises and Inspects the production safety of the ZYS Yinbin Science and Technology Industrial Park Project

On January 2, Dai Min, chairman of Automotive Engineering Corporation, went to the project site of the Yinbin Science and Technology Industrial Park of Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. (ZYS) in a way of "field investigation without notice and report" to supervise and inspect production safety, accompanied by Yang Lianbo, assistant general manager and leader of the production safety department of the Company, and Li Yunan, assistant general manager and chairman of SCIVIC Engineering Corporation.



Dai Min attaches great importance to the special rectification and supervision and inspection of major hidden dangers in production safety at the end of the year and the beginning of the next year. For the field operation, Dai Min checked the implementation of the safety management system and standards by the project department, and required it to construct strictly according to the construction scheme to ensure the production safety across the whole construction process.


Dai Min had an intensive exchange with the project department on production safety management, and pointed out that it is necessary to closely link the project production safety with project management, improve the "controllable and under-control" production safety with the principle of "PDCAR", and coordinate the development of project safety, quality, progress, and costs. He stressed that it is important to strictly control the bottom line and red line of production safety and eliminate potential risks and hidden dangers; expand reverse thinking and take proper production safety measures; strengthen systematic thinking and build a whole-chain safety prevention and control system; strictly implement the production safety responsibility system, enhance the production safety management, and resolutely guard against accidents.



Given the recent project implementation and production safety situation, Dai Min put forward requirements for the Company's production safety:

First, all levels of the Company should resolutely implement the safety deployment of their superior company, and strengthen the supervision and inspection for good achievements.

Second, they should fully perform position responsibilities, and enhance the safety awareness to comprehensively improve the ability and level of production safety governance.

Third, they should take the fifteen measures for production safety as the criterion, and pay close attention to the implementation of major risk control measures.

Fourth, they should, combining the seasonal characteristics of the winter and spring, strengthen disaster risk prevention and control, prevent and eliminate major safety risks, and orderly shut down and restore production before and after the Spring Festival.

Fifth, they should firmly establish the concept that "It is impossible to prevent all accidents", solve the fundamental, original, and bottleneck production safety problems in time, and observe the safety precautions and safety rules and regulations strictly.