To provide competitive logistics system service in China.
Based on the in-depth understanding of the requirements of high efficiency, flexibility and intelligentization of automobile manufacturing technology, and its self-developed equipment and integration capabilities, AE has formed an intelligent logistics system solution after years of experience and technology accumulation. With the benefit of the logistics system planning capability, the intelligent logistics system solution has an intelligent logistics management system as the core and supported by various logistics automation equipment. It serves as a growth strategic business direction.

The logistics system planning scheme capacity of AE is based on the analysis of product logistics data accumulated over many years, combined with the accurate calculation of digital simulation and the accumulation and comparison of logistics planning schemes of many years. Thus AE can provide a complete set of reasonable, lean and efficient logistics solution.

In terms of intelligent logistics equipment, we have independently developed logistics automation equipment such as intelligent sorting equipment, outdoor AGV, forklift AGV, indoor AGV, high-speed RGV, intelligent stereo warehouse, high-speed stacker, super heavy duty intelligent stereo warehouse, intelligent single warehouse, etc., which make AE able to provide single or systematic intelligent logistics equipment system supply.

AE has developed terminal material handling control layer software systems such as intelligent MES, PTL, WCS, RFID and PLC, and combined with various information sensing devices, electrical control systems and computer software systems, to drive various intelligent logistics equipment. The equipment is widely used in intelligent logistics, warehousing logistics, out-of-warehouse transportation and intelligent sorting in automobile factories and general industries. AE builds intelligent application scenarios, providing the whole process of consultation, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service combined with the ERP system requirements of customers. With the characteristics of intelligentization, networking, flexibility and integration, AE ensures high efficiency and high quality of manufacturing and production.