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Jia Xijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Automotive Engineering Corporation, Visits the Project Site for Production Safety Inspection

In order to implement the safety deployment of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach) and Sinomach Automobile Co., Ltd. and realize the safe production, on December 22, Jia Xijun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Automotive Engineering Corporation, visited the project site of an automobile plant for production safety inspection in the way of "field investigation without notice and report", accompanied by Yang Lianbo, assistant general manager and leader of production safety department.



At the project site, Jia Xijun and his entourage conducted a detailed review of the safety management performance from production safety management elements, production safety responsibility system, risk control, hidden danger investigation and control, emergency management, dangerous operation control to safety management standardization.



Subsequently, Jia Xijun convened a meeting with the key management personnel of project department. At the meeting, Yang Lianbo made a summary of the safety inspection, pointing out that there are proper safety risk identification and control measures at all stages of the project, strictly followed construction schemes and safety precautions, regular hidden danger investigation, timely and verified rectification, training on high-risk operations, recorded pre-shift disclosure, and deployment of the company and the superior company implemented in the company. Therefore, the project production safety management is generally in good condition. At present, it is necessary to identify the risk at equipment commissioning and trial production stages, take the proper risk control measures, and strengthen the safety inspections to prevent safety accidents.

Jia Xijun put forward the following requirements based on the inspection results and the current safety condition of Automotive Engineering Corporation:

First, study and implement the safety deployment of Sinomach and Sinomach Automobile Co., Ltd., observe the provisions of "one post with two responsibilities" and "safety first in industry, business and production management", and assume the political responsibility for production safety management.

Second, carefully identify the safety risks at each stage, strictly abide by the safety rules and regulations, and faithfully implement the construction schemes to safely deliver the project with high quality and on schedule.

Third, investigate and judge the safety risks and hidden dangers of the project during winter construction and before and after holidays, and promote the investigation and control of hidden dangers.

Fourth, regularly carry out safety education and training for all employees to prevent negligence and carelessness and enhance safety awareness.

Fifth, regularly check the major risk control points in construction, and properly take the safety measures especially in key areas, tasks and links to ensure production safety.

Sixth, for relevant departments, supervise the operation of the company's production safety management system, inspect the implementation of the production safety system, and punish the company for violation of the "safety ban" if any to improve safety awareness and prevent safety accidents.