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Changan Auto Holds The PLR Ceremony of Yubei Factory Reconstruction and Green Intelligent Upgrade Project

Recently, Changan Auto held the PLR (Production Line Roll-off) ceremony of Yubei Factory Reconstruction and Green Intelligent Upgrade Project in the final assembly workshop of the new Yubei factory of Changan Auto. Key leaders of Yubei District of Chongqing and Changan Auto, Xu Zhijun, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Automotive Engineering Corporation, and leader of the project team of Automotive Engineering Corporation were invited to attend the ceremony.



At the ceremony, Changan Auto expressed its sincere gratitude to all suppliers for their overcoming difficulties to complete the project on schedule, and looked forward to the high-quality development of Changan new energy vehicles. Xu Zhijun delivered a speech as the supplier representative, stating that with the joint efforts of all suppliers, the project team of Automotive Engineering Corporation and other suppliers overcame numerous difficulties together, and finally successfully accomplished the milestone of rolling off the production line on schedule.



The Changan Auto Yubei Factory Reconstruction and Green Intelligent Upgrade Project plans to produce 280,000 new energy vehicles per year, with a production capacity of 60 JPH. Automotive Engineering Corporation is responsible for supplying equipment for the factory's painting and final assembly lines. For the painting line, advanced painting processes and technologies are adopted, including paper-type dry spray booth, minor maintenance area AGV, 5G intelligent manufacturing technology based on Huawei digital base, automatic skid cleaning, and battery cover plate line. For the final assembly & conveyor line, automatic battery assembly and tightening, spreader lifting and lowering, chassis AGV assembly, automatic seat, tire, and primer assembly workstations, 5G cloud dispatching system, digital twin, and other advanced technologies are applied.



The PLR ceremony is not only a symbolic milestone during the project progress, but also an important achievement for Automotive Engineering Corporation. Automotive Engineering Corporation will make persistent efforts to ensure the stable operation of the production line equipment, improve the output and quality, promote the early achievement of mass production, and provide customers with "high-quality, cost-effective, short-period, value-added" services, thus helping Changan Auto create a world-class "lighthouse factory".