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AE won a GA project of VW Emden plant in Germany

Recently, AE successfully won the bid for the new MEB assembly line project of Volkswagen Emden plant in Germany.

The winning of the project means that AE has successfully entered the German local automobile manufacturer’s supplier list, and it is also a re-affirmation of AE's deep cultivation in the German and even European market for many years. At the same time, it also highlights AE's world-class competitiveness in the field of final assembly conveyor line.

AE has set up a bidding technical team composed of Chinese and German experts. Overcame the impact of COVID-19 epidemic and time difference, AE has organized video and telephone conferences for many times to communicate with the owners about relevant technical problems. With AE's reputation and experience accumulated in several Shanghai Volkswagen projects and its professional, efficient and rapid response ability in the bidding process, AE has been highly recognized by our customers. For local project management, international project execution ability and after-sales service, which VW has particularly concerned about,AE also gives the satisfied answer including project organization structure, implementation plan and management strategy.

AE’s project team will adhere to the corporate culture of "cooperation, enterprising, sincerity and excellence" and the craftsman spirit of continuous improvement, control the design, manufacturing and other aspects of the project, and show the world the high level of Chinese manufacturing, management and efficiency.