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Best Localization Award from SGMW Indonesia

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Best Localization Award from SGMW Indonesia

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2022/07/04 17:13
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In recent, AE won the "Best Localization Award" from SGMW Indonesia at its 2022 Supplier Conference.



As the strategic partner of SGMW, AE has successfully completed SGMW Indonesia Vehicle construction project and SAIC International Indonesia Component Park construction project and both of them have been put into production from July of 2017. With the successful delivery of the projects, AE continued to build its localization team for Indonesian market, and gradually strengthened its competitiveness in the local market to provide high-quality services for SGMW Indonesia and get the praise from our customer.
By virtue of the strategic advantages of localized management and procurement, AE has overcome many difficulties such as insufficient technical personnel, global supply chain crisis, and international shipping supply and demand imbalance etc.in 2021, AE has completed the renovation project of Wuling Center in Jakarta and highly praised by our customer.


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