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Two projects of Geely Automobile Successfully Completed and Delivered by AE and Won the Customer's Praise

At the beginning of the new year, there are two projects of Geely Automobile Changxing Base Painting shop EPC project and equipment supply for Xi'an Base Plant Design and Painting Production Line has been successfully completed and delivered by AE, and won the praise from our customer.

Geely Automobile Changxing Base Painting Shop EPC project

Through the hard work of project team for past 18 months, the painting EPC project of Geely Changxing Base undertaken by AE, has passed the final acceptance and officially delivered to the customer for production.



Located at Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Geely Changxing Base is the 4.0 factory and a quality benchmark project for Geely and its painting shop with high-capacity can reach 70JPH. The design stage of this project gives full play to the advantages of the integrated EPC capability of AE, adopts a comprehensive three-dimensional design, realizes the integrated proofreading of the whole workshop model, visualizes the design effect and removes design problems automatically, optimizes the pipeline layout, improves the space effect, and saves the overall cost. From construction to equipment installation and then to the final acceptance and delivery, it has created the record of shortest construction period for the Geely painting shop EPC projects, exceeding customer’s expectations, and the quality of the project construction has become a new benchmark for Geely.





Due to the outstanding performance for this project, AE has been fully recognized and praised by customer and AE were awarded the "Excellent Supplier Awards" for general contracting of construction and installation projects and for general contracting of public power systems (U), and for painting equipment (ME) equipment supply.

Geely Xi'an Factory Project

AE was awarded the " Outstanding Contribution Award for Xingyue L " by the Xi'an Geely Plant for its outstanding performance in the engineering design and equipment supply during project implementation.


The project is called "China Star·CMA Super Intelligent Dark Factory" by Geely Automobile. It is the complete vehicle with the largest area, the most investment, the most high-end products, the most advanced technology and the most intelligent of Geely Automobile. The production base, covering an area of 2,260 mu, has four shops including stamping, welding, painting and final assembly, with a maximum annual production capacity of 360,000 units and can produce all products for Geely's CMA and SEA frameworks, and can meet the needs of fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and EV. The painting shop integrated the features of digitization, automation, intelligence and flexibility, and applied the world-leading compact water-based paint process without intermediate coating, equipped with automatic vehicle identification system, with dry spray booth, circulating air conditioner, zeolite runner, regenerative oxidation furnace, direct-fired waste gas incinerator and other advanced equipment.


Since the project was delivered and put into production, AE project team has continued to provide supporting services to ensure the stable operation of the production line, which has been highly recognized by customers.
Only living up to it, we can return to our original heart. AE will continue to deliver high-quality projects with high-level technology, helping customers to fulfill more achievement and success.