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Jia Xijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Automotive Engineering Corporation, and his party go to Kazakhstan for technical business activities

From May 29 to June 4, Jia Xijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Automotive Engineering Corporation, and Chen Yong, Deputy General Manager, and their party, went to Almaty, Kazakhstan for relevant technical business activities, accompanied by relevant department heads of the Company.


(ASTANA multi-brand automotive factory)


This trip aims to advance the construction progress of the ASTANA multi-brand automobile factory project. With a designed production capacity of 25JPH, this factory is Kazakhstan's first modern automobile manufacturing factory. Upon the completion of this project, it will greatly improve the level of Kazakhstan's automobile industry. Automotive Engineering Corporation undertook the supply of engineering design, welding, painting, and general assembly equipment in this project. This project was officially signed at the "Kazakhstan-China Investment Round-table Conference" in May 2023.


During their stay in Kazakhstan, Jia Xijun and his party visited Mr. Nurlan Smagulov, Founder of ASTANA Automobile Group, and the CEO Mr. Beknur Nesipbayev, and conducted on-site investigation of the project site. In a friendly atmosphere of talks, both sides reviewed and summarized the cooperation history and project progress, and had in-depth discussions on equipment manufacturing, logistics, installation, and commissioning plans in the future, reaching a high consensus. To ensure that all equipment can be installed and put into operation on schedule, both sides said that they would conduct close cooperation. During this period, both sides also organized a meeting with stakeholders such as the owner, the general contractor for the construction and installation project, and the local design institute to discuss how to more effectively link design, construction, and equipment installation. Moreover, they also optimized the construction organization of the construction and installation project to ensure that the equipment installation conditions are met.


Both sides also signed supplementary agreements on logistics and new equipment, further deepening the cooperation relationship.


(The first person on the left is Mr. Tarassov Maxim, Manager of ASTANA's multi-brand automobile factory)


Jia Xijun and his party visited Mr. Kanat Sharlapayev, Minister of Industry and Construction of Kazakhstan, and gave him a detailed introduction to the Company's basic situation, the latest progress of this project, and subsequent work plans. Mr. Minister emphasized the importance of this project and expressed his sincere gratitude and high praise to Automotive Engineering Corporation for providing intelligent advanced equipment for ASTANA's multi-brand automotive factory. This meeting has also received widespread attention and reports from local news media in Kazakhstan, such as the "Kazinform" International News Agency and tengri Automotive Network.


The first two on the right are Mr. Kanat Sharlapayev, Minister of Industry and Construction of Kazakhstan, the third on the right is Mr. Nurlan Smagulov, Founder of ASTANA Automotive Group, and the fourth on the right is Mr. Beknur Nesipbayev, CEO of ASTANA Automotive Group)



In addition, Jia Xijun and his party also visited Mr. Farrukh Makhmudov, Chairman of ORBIS MANUFACTURING LLP, and both sides had in-depth and practical exchanges on the cooperation of the new automobile factory project.


Automotive Engineering Corporation will unswervingly promote its overseas strategy, seize the opportunity of "The Belt and Road" initiative, and deeply develop the vast market including Central Asian countries to provide Chinese solutions for the development of the automobile industry in regional countries, and contribute to the wisdom of Automotive Engineering Corporation.