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The Beam Raising Ceremony for NAC Battery PACK Capacity Project Is Held

Recently, the beam raising ceremony for NAC Battery PACK Capacity Project was held in the on-site battery shop, indicating that the main construction of the project has entered a new stage.



NAC Battery PACK Capacity Project covers an area of 24,901 square meters, with a floor area of 38,773 square meters. The construction content includes the newly-built battery shop, comprehensive warehouse, fleet maintenance room, and supporting works in the factory area. Automotive Engineering Corporation undertook the engineering design, procurement, and construction (EPC) work for the civil engineering and utility equipment of the project. Among them, the battery shop has a two-story structure, with a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame structure on the first floor and a steel structure on the second floor, which is another prefabricated main structure project implemented by Automotive Engineering Corporation.


The project team of Automotive Engineering Corporation will live up to the trust of customers, continue to carry forward the fighting spirit of AE, actively promote project implementation, strive to ensure project delivery, provide customers with high-quality services, and present high-quality projects.