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Automotive Engineering Corporation Wins the Second Prize in the First National Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Innovation Contest

The final of the First National Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Innovation Contest and the Innovation Conference were held in Chongqing from March 29 to 30. Among the 622 entries collected from the national manufacturing industry, the entry Intelligent Flexible Production Line Solutions for Automotive Final Assembly submitted by Automotive Engineering Corporation won the second prize in the contest.



With the theme of "Exploring New Quality Productive Forces to Promote New Industrialization — Innovation-Driven Intelligent Manufacturing", the contest was jointly organized by the Central Enterprise Intelligent Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Platform, Chinese Expert Committee of IEC/SyC SM, Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute, P.R.China, and China Economic Information Service. Since its launch on January 25, the contest has solicited entries from enterprises, colleges and universities, research institutions, and innovation and entrepreneurship teams across various industries in China, and has received extensive support from the industry through active participation by outstanding enterprises.



The final of the contest was held on March 29. The participating teams from all over the country were grouped from four aspects: upgrading of basic manufacturing capabilities, optimization of key production links, safeguarding of core resources, and innovation of intelligent inspection equipment to compete intensively. Through short video presentations, on-site roadshows, defense, and other processes, the participating teams of Automotive Engineering Corporation comprehensively demonstrated the latest achievements and application effects of Automotive Engineering Corporation in the intelligent flexible production line solutions for automotive final assembly and its applications. The significant economic and social benefits achieved won the recognition of the expert judges, so it ultimately won the second prize in the "upgrading of basic manufacturing capabilities".


At the exhibition held concurrently with the Innovation Conference, the participating team of Automotive Engineering Corporation presented the company's innovative and technological capabilities in the field of intelligent manufacturing solutions through audio and video, company introduction, and cultural charm demonstrations. Moreover, leaders from the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Yongchuan District Committee of Chongqing Municipality visited the exhibition booth of Automotive Engineering Corporation and listened to the special report. They expressed high recognition for the technological innovation capabilities and application effects of Automotive Engineering Corporation's intelligent manufacturing solutions.



As a national special contest for the intelligentization of the manufacturing industry, this event aims to enhance supply capabilities and establish Chinese solutions, standards, and teams under the background of developing new quality productive forces and promoting new industrialization. In line with the national strategic needs and the fundamental tasks of Chinese-style modernization, Automotive Engineering Corporation will constantly promote the R&D and innovation of independent core technologies in the "flexible, lean, intelligent, and green" automotive intelligent manufacturing system solutions, assist in accelerating the intelligent development of the automotive industry, and empower "Made in China".