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Tianjin Daily Publishes an Article Authored by Dai Min, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Automotive Engineering Corporation: "Scientific and Technological Innovation Promotes the Acceleration of the Automotive Industry"

On March 18, Dai Min, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Automotive Engineering Corporation, published an article in the "Jinmen Discourse on Politics" section of Tianjin Daily titled "Technological Innovation Promotes the Acceleration of the Automotive Industry".



The full text is as follows


Technological Innovation Promotes the Acceleration of the Automotive Industry

Automotive Engineering Corporation

Dai Min, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman


Actively responding to the strategic guidance of Tianjin's "Establishment of Manufacturing City" and Nankai District's "Building a Highland for Scientific and Technological Innovation", Automotive Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "AE") accelerates the intelligent transformation, actively cultivates new quality productive forces, and promotes the high-quality development of China's automotive industry.


To utilize the advantages of industrial chain integration and aggregation and support the high-quality development of the automotive industry. AE has a development history of more than 60 years, spanning from the "agricultural machinery industry" to the "automotive industry as its main business", from the identity of "traditional industrial design institute" to "engineering system service provider", from the business of "single engineering design" to the "full business chain technology service", and from the region of "domestic market" to "domestic and international dual circulation". It is the largest comprehensive and professional engineering company in China's machinery industry, with the most complete business chain and the highest degree of internationalization. It has the ability to provide engineering technology services throughout the entire project cycle and industry chain. Based on the new mission and positioning of a state-owned central enterprise in the new era and new journey and focusing on the major mission of "enhancing core functions, improving core competitiveness, working on improving innovation and value creation capabilities, and better playing the role of technological innovation, industrial control, and safety support", AE fully leverages the advantages of industrial chain integration and aggregation, relies on advanced technological capabilities, world-class project execution guarantee system, and agile and efficient global supply chain ecosystem to achieve "high-quality, cost-effective, short-cycle, and fast iterative" delivery, meets the needs of customers for "higher, faster, better, and more flexible", and serves more than 80% of brands in the automotive industry, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen, BYD, and SAIC, as well as many leading customers of new vehicle production forces including Tesla, Li AUTO, XPENG Motors, and NIO, working together with them to create "China's speed and miracle" in multiple industries, and helping the high-quality development and acceleration of the automotive industry.


To accelerate the intelligent transformation and upgrading and assist the automotive industry in building new quality productive forces. AE actively serves the strategy of building a powerful nation of science and technology, deepens cooperation with universities such as Tianjin University and Nankai University, and achieves a series of major breakthroughs in core processes, equipment technology and original technology, digitalization, and intelligence in the automotive engineering industry. AE has dozens of high-tech patents that have broken foreign technological monopolies and filled domestic gaps, and becomes the only intelligent enterprise awarded the "Overall Scheme Planning" and "Digital Workshop Integration" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. AE's independently developed "flexible, lean, intelligent, and green" automotive manufacturing system solution has been successfully applied in multiple projects, solving a series of "bottleneck" technical problems and helping China transform from an "automotive power" to an "automotive superpower".


To implement the "the Belt and Road" initiative and help the automobile industry build a new development pattern of domestic and international dual circulation. Focusing on the "the Belt and Road" and the European and American regions, AE actively seizes the opportunity of the layout adjustment of the overseas industrial chain of its own brand automobile enterprises and the expansion of new energy leading automobile enterprises, steadily expands its overseas business, and undertakes a series of projects such as BYD Thailand, Wuling Indonesia, Tesla, and Volvo. Its business has spread to more than 20 countries around the world, with the proportion of overseas business exceeding 30%, better helping China Automotive "set sail".