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General Assembly Project of Rugao Factory in Scania, Sweden Successfully Passes FAT Acceptance

Recently, the general assembly project of the Rugao factory in Scania, Sweden has successfully passed FAT acceptance and once again received praise from the owner.



The FAT acceptance work lasted for four days and was carried out by the customer's ME, maintenance, SHE, process, IT and other departments at the Automotive General Assembly, Welding, Logistics Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Center of Automotive Engineering Corporation in Jinghai District, Tianjin. The acceptance team went to the site every day to verify a series of acceptance items such as Punch List, review documents, static acceptance, manual testing, rhythm testing, and order sending automatic operation testing. They conducted comprehensive and strict inspections on the mechanical and electrical performance of the equipment, as well as the stability and reliability of the control system. Through practical operation and data analysis, the acceptance team confirmed that the equipment performance is stable and reliable, and all performance indicators meet the requirements. The acceptance team unanimously agreed that the project passed the acceptance.



The successful completion of this pre acceptance work has provided strong technical support for project installation, commissioning, and SAT. The project team of Automotive Engineering Corporation will continue to maintain a spirit of unity, cooperation, and enterprising spirit, and devote themselves to projects with more enthusiasm and professional skills, delivering high-quality engineering to customers.