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AE Wins Three International Design Awards

Recently, Quzhou Jidian New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.'s 840,000 sets of power battery pack three-in-one electric drive energy storage project - Administrative Center Complex in THE Factory Front Area (Quzhou Jidian Zero Carbon Park), which was designed and constructed by Automotive Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ‘AE’), won three international design awards: the Silver Award at the 2023 Global Future Design Awards, the Silver Award at the MUSE Design Awards, and the Silver Award at the World Design Awards.



Global Future Design Awards (Silver)


MUSE Design Awards (Silver)


World Design Awards (Silver)


This project was designed and constructed by AE, covering an area of 89,000 square meters and with a floor area of 73,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive building complex that integrates office, conference, exhibition, dining, and employee activities.



The overall design of this project adopts cut diamond forms, considering the three dimensions of volume, height, and roof cutting comprehensively, with a unified and rhythmic overall design; the application of corporate brand visual elements to walls, roofs, and glass enhances the overall richness of the building, enhances its brand identity, and enables the building to better serve the brand. The corridors and landscape platforms are interconnected and penetrate into various buildings, creating a smooth spatial flow and a coherent experience. The viewing and amusement park is full of fun and excitement; the building is equipped with a garden and a sunshine atrium, while the exterior features a waterfall wall and a backdrop of flowers and trees. People, buildings, and the environment blend and coexist to create a green and ecological office and living environment. Based on the design concept of zero-carbon architecture, the building reduces energy consumption through reasonable spatial design, structural selection, and public system configuration, and fully utilizes renewable energy to achieve efficient, clean, low-carbon circulation and sustainable development in the manufacturing industry. It promotes the harmonious integration of industrial civilization and ecological civilization and the mutual benefit between the sharing economy, society, and ecology.

The project has won multiple international awards, which is a comprehensive demonstration of AE design value. AE will continue to inject new momentum into the development of the new energy industry with a forward-looking design and green ecological development concept.