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Automotive Engineering Corporation participates in the 65th anniversary celebration of factory establishment and strategic supplier conference of Wuling Automobile

From October 26 to 27, SGMW held a grand strategic supplier conference and the 65th anniversary conference of its establishment, and simultaneously completed and put into operation the world's first island lean intelligent manufacturing factory − SGMW Lean Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, marking a new departure for Wuling of China towards electrification, intelligence, and globalization.



As a core strategic supplier of SGMW, Dai Min, Party Secretary and Chairman, Chen Yong and Xu Zhijun, deputy general managers, and relevant department heads of Automotive Engineering Corporation were invited to participate in the full conference. During the conference, Dai Min and other leaders had in-depth exchanges and communication with the leadership of SGMW.




SGMW Lean Intelligent Manufacturing Factory has three shops: stamping shop, paint shop, and final assembly shop, with a total floor area of approximately 100,000 square meters, and Automotive Engineering Corporation undertakes the EPC general contracting and equipment supply of all engineering projects. SGMW Lean Intelligent Manufacturing Factory adopts a digital platform based on EODP excellent operation, directly connecting users, driving upstream and downstream, deconstructing and restructuring manufacturing processes, subverting the traditional "assembly line" series production mode, creatively constructing a flexible production line with "smart island" as the main body, creating a global pioneer in smart island automobile production technology, and achieving a significant improvement in production line automation, intelligence, and specialization. At the same time, the high automation rate has improved the production efficiency of personalized and diverse products, achieved high flexibility, and adapted to the new market form of multiple varieties and small batches, greatly improving the stability and reliability of products. The successful completion and operation of the Wuling Electric Vehicle Lean Intelligent Manufacturing Factory is the latest achievement in the high-quality development of "intelligent manufacturing" by Automotive Engineering Corporation, marking a significant breakthrough innovation in the intelligent manufacturing technology of new energy vehicles by Automotive Engineering Corporation, and setting a new global leading benchmark for lean intelligent manufacturing.





For a long time, Automotive Engineering Corporation has always adhered to the "customer-centric" service concept, adhered to the shared growth, helped the development of Wuling, and has always been a reliable partner with Wuling for win-win cooperation. For decades, both sides have worked together in multiple projects in Liuzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing, Indonesia, and India, sharing weal and woe, and working together multiple times to achieve innovative breakthroughs that have caught the attention of the industry. In the process of cooperation with Wuling, Automotive Engineering Corporation has to continuously improve its own technology, quality, and management system, and grow into a leading domestic and internationally renowned engineering system service provider.

To cope with the changes and challenges in the industry and establish new advantages, based on the strategic partnership between the two sides and the practical exploration results in lean intelligent manufacturing and R&D innovation, Automotive Engineering Corporation and SGMW set up a R&D innovation cooperation platform in Liuzhou for the purpose of joint innovation and win-win cooperation, and officially unveiled it on the afternoon of the 27th.

In the future, Automotive Engineering Corporation will continue to use a service model of "high technology, optimal cost, short cycle, and fast iteration" to help automotive industry customers achieve greater value and promote high-quality development of the intelligent electric vehicle industry.