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SOP is successfully implemented in BMW NEX Paint Shop Expansion Project

On October 17, the ceremony for SOP of Brilliance BMW NEX Paint Shop Expansion Project contracted by Automotive Engineering Corporation was grandly held in the new paint shop of BMW Dadong Factory. Xu Zhijun, the relevant person in charge of BMW's Dadong Factory and the deputy general manager of Automotive Engineering Corporation, Zhang Chaohui and Dou Deyu, the deputy director of the Painting Engineering Institute, and the project teams of both parties jointly attended the ceremony.



At the ceremony, the relevant person in charge of BMW reviewed the project construction process and said that under the guidance of the concept of "ONE TAEM ONE SUCCESS", the project team worked together and cooperated efficiently to achieve the project objectives with high quality, and gave high praise and affirmation to the project implementation process and final delivery status.

Xu Zhijun delivered a speech on behalf of Automotive Engineering Corporation, stating that the project team of Automotive Engineering Corporation adheres to the concept of "lean, green, and digitalization" and has successfully applied multiple key technologies and products such as AE Shuttle, paper box dry spraying room, laser cleaning, and four-door two-cover robots in the BMW project, achieving good results. He hopes that both parties can continue to cooperate in more projects and new technology development in the future.

As the first BMW paint shop line project undertaken by Automotive Engineering Corporation, the construction scope of this project includes a complete set of process equipment in the paint shop, as well as public systems such as pure water stations, refrigeration stations, and sewage stations. The project team of Automotive Engineering Corporation adheres to the concept of "BUILD THE BEST PAINT SHOP" and carry out planning and execution of the quality details of each product, fully demonstrating the deep integration of "China Speed" and "German Quality", so that the final delivery quality has won high recognition from customers and is hailed as BMW's new quality "Benchmark".

The SOP of this project signifies that the performance of the project equipment has passed verification in debugging and trial production, and has smoothly entered the normal production stage. The project team of Automotive Engineering Corporation will properly carry out subsequent acceptance and supporting services for production, and continuously provide BMW with "high-quality, cost-effective, efficient, and value-added" full process value services, consolidating and developing comprehensive strategic cooperation with BMW Group.