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AE Passed the VDA6.7 Process Audit

Recently, AE passed the VDA6.7 process audit successfully.



VDA process audit is a quality standard of German automotive industry developed by Verband der Automobilindustrie. In 2019, AE passed VDA6.3 process audit, this time VDA6.7 standard puts forward new requirements, focusing more on process and product audits, and also placing higher demands on the project process and production control of AE.


The audit expert group which composed of auditors from TUV certification authority, relevant personnel from Beijing Benz Purchasing Department and Quality Department conducted a three-day comprehensive audit on the overall project control, product development, process control and procurement management during the project implementation. In the audit summary report, the audit team fully affirmed and spoke highly of AE for the understanding of VDA6.7 process control and the excellent performance of strictly implementing process control during the project.



The successful passing of this audit indicates that the project management process and manufacturing management system of AE have met the most stringent standards of the European automotive industry. AE will also be more competitive in overseas projects and domestic high-end project. In the future, AE will continue to implement the national "the Belt and Road" initiative, expand overseas markets, implement the strategic keynote of "focus, lean, high-quality development", and achieve sustained high-quality development of the enterprise.