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The Very First Product of E0X Project of Chery Wuhu Industrial Park Phase I Welding Line II Successfully Off-line

Recently, the first product of E0X Project lower body line of Chery Wuhu Industrial Park Phase I welding line II, undertaken by AE, successfully off line.



The E0X project is the first cooperation between AE and Chery in the field of welding business. The production line planning meets the mixed production plan of model E03, EH3 and E0Y, and applies a number of advanced connection technologies of steel and aluminum mixed body, such as FDS, SPR, robot automatic tightening, robot automatic stud pressing and riveting, and automatic steel and aluminum stud welding. Installation and debugging are carried out according to the high standards of the welding industry. For instance, the equipment positioning uses a laser tracker to accurately mark the coordinates of the plant to ensure the unity of the benchmark and the accuracy of the position; All robot tracks are generated offline by PS program; Using PLC program, through virtual debugging in advance simulation verification, greatly improve the program completion, shorten the debugging period.



During the project implementation, AE’s project team adhering to the original intention of "better service for automotive manufacturers", carried out the project construction efficiently and orderly, successfully completed the installation and preliminary commissioning of the project, successfully achieved the first product off line, and won the praise of customer Chery.


The first piece off line is the starting point of a new stage of the project. The project team of AE will implement the principles of scientific organization, lean design and fine construction, effectively do a good job in the overall control of project safety, quality and progress, and make every effort to promote the project to reach the mass production milestone as soon as possible.