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Scientific and technological innovation leading brand upward. AE Show at China Brand Expo

2023 China Brand Day was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from May 10th to 14th. With the theme of "China brand, shared by the world, brand new strength, quality new life", the activities include holding the 2023 China International Forum on Brand Development and the China Brand Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Brand Expo") to convey the new brand potential of China to the world. The Brand Expo will simultaneously build an online and offline display platform to focus on the new achievements, new images and new ideas of China's brand development and create a good image of "Quality China". AE attend the Brand Expo along with SINOMACH.


Mr.Ding Xuexiang, as Vice Premier of CPC and the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) and the State Council, attended 2023 China Brand Day and delivered a speech at the China International Forum on Brand Development.



Mr. Zhang Xiaolun, Party Secretary and Chairman of SINOMACH, was invited to attend the China International Forum on Brand Development and led a team to visit the Expo. Mr.Li Xiaoyu, as member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of SIMOMACH, was invited to attend the China International Forum on Brand Development and the Forum on Brand Building of State-owned Enterprises, and fully communicated with exhibitors from state-owned enterprises, provinces and cities, so as to create a world-class enterprise with outstanding brands and unite the consensus on brand development in China.



SINOMACH made its debut in the exhibition area of state-owned enterprises in this Expo. With the theme of "forging SINOMACH's strengths and serving the country's needs", SINOMACH presented three chapters, namely, building the national strategic scientific and technological strength, building the flagship of high-end equipment manufacturing, and building a perfect project contracting and supply chain system, and fully presented the brand advantages and core competitiveness of SINOMACH in supporting the construction of a manufacturing power, a scientific and technological power, an agricultural power and a digital China.



Among them, AE used the sand table model to show the EPC project of conveyor system in Beijing Benz assembly workshop and the reconstruction project of Mercedes-Benz South Africa stereo garage, corridor and assembly workshop. The online exhibition hall simultaneously shows the introduction video of the painting workshop of phase 1 EPC project of SAIC Ningde Passenger Car Base. These projects fully reflect the whole process technology level and advanced digital ability of AE in line with international standards.




As the backbone of SINOMACH in the field of automobile engineering, AE resolutely implements the important guiding spirit of Mr.Xi Jinping as General Secretary of China "Promoting the transformation of China manufacturing to China creativity, China's speed to China's quality, and China's products to China's brand", adhering to the initial intention of "better service for car makers" and the mission of "customer-centered", and has provided services to more than 80% of car brands, and now AE has developed into a leading domestic and internationally competitive enterprise with the ability to provide engineering technical services in the whole industry chain and life cycle, creating a number of industry records and showing strong brand strength.


Behind the rapid rise of China's brand and expanding to the world, it is the persistent strength driven by innovation and the continuous injection of cultural connotation, the accelerated consolidation of quality foundation and the increasingly perfect of system guarantee, and the strong development resilience and endogenous motivation of China's economy. For the future, AE will continue to focus on high-quality development, actively assume the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, actively serve the national strategy, continue to tackle the technical problem of "sticking the neck", continuously enhance its brand value in the global scope, serve global customers with China technology and China quality, and help the development of the industry. (The pictures are all from SINOMACH.)