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AE signed the Equipment Supply Agreement with Astana Automobile at the "Kazakhstan-China Investment Roundtable"

China-Central Asia Summit was held in Xi 'an, Shaanxi from May 18th to 19th , the "Kazakhstan-China Investment Roundtable" , as an important part of this summit, was held on May 18th, attended by Kazakh President Mr.Tokayev, and many enterprises from China and Kazakhstan signed cooperation agreements. At this roundtable meeting, the equipment supply project of AE for Astana Automobile Factory in Kazakhstan was formally signed. Mr.Jia Xijun, deputy secretary and general manager of CPC Committee of AE, and Chen Yong, member and deputy general manager of CPC Committee, attended the signing ceremony.


During this meeting, AE and Astana Automobile of Kazakhstan conducted in-depth exchanges on the project implementation arrangements, and two sides reached a package of equipment supply agreement for welding, painting and final assembly shops.



The design capacity of the project is 25JPH. As the first modern automobile manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan, the level of the automobile industry in Kazakhstan will be greatly improved after the project is completed.


In 2013, Mr.Xi Jinping. Chairman of China, delivered a speech in Kazakhstan proposing the initiative to jointly build the "Silk Road Economic Belt". Central Asia has become the first place to jointly build the "the Belt and Road" and a benchmark for connectivity. In the past decade, China and the five Central Asian countries have actively carried out the docking of development strategies, and the high-quality joint construction of the "the Belt and Road" has achieved fruitful results. The successful signing of the project is a successful practice of the "the Belt and Road" initiative and development opportunity of AE, and also an effective action to fulfill the mission of "forging the national machinery strength and serving the national needs" of SINOMACH.


Based on the principle of "creating capacity together and sharing development", AE will fulfill the contract in good faith and ensure delivery. It is committed to building this project into a new model of automotive engineering on the "the Belt and Road" and making contributions to economic and trade cooperation between China and Kazakhstan.


During the meeting, Mr.Jia Xijun also met with Mr. Aziz Shukurov, vice chairman of UzAuto in Uzbekistan, and Mr. Shafkatbek Alimov, general manager. The two sides had friendly exchanges on project cooperation matters.