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Luoyang Gucheng Expressway Construction Project

The Project is located in the old urban area of Luoyang, with a total length of about 13.3km. The planned red line width for the standard section of the Project is 65m-73m, and the design speed of the main line is 60-80 km/h. The whole section is set up with 6 overpasses and underground roads. As the first expressway in the urban area of Luoyang, the Gucheng Expressway has epoch-making significance in the municipal engineering construction of Luoyang. The Expressway provides strong support for Luoyang to accelerate the construction of a sub-central city and build a growth pole of the province. Moreover, the Project won the prize of the 2020 Henan Zhongzhou Cup.



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Luoyang Gucheng Expressway Construction Project


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