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Shanghai Volkswagen (Xinjiang) Painting Shop Project

As a response to the Xinjiang establishment strategy with national efforts, SAIC Volkswagen implemented the "Western Strategy" by establishing a company in Xinjiang to exert its advantageous passenger vehicle manufacturing technologies and quality products and meet the local increasing needs for passenger vehicles. This project is located at the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone in Urumqi Municipality and is SAIC Volkswagen's first Painting shop General Contract Project undertaken by domestic suppliers. Its production line adopts complete procedures and advanced processes and has a mature, reliable and highly automatic design, meeting the requirements for the body coating quality of mid-to-high-end sedans. The workshop production management system is highly informationized, with comprehensive inspection and test approaches, providing workers with proper safety conditions and realizing the thorough elimination of "three wastes (wastewater, waste gas, waste solids)". This workshop represents the top level of China's domestic automotive equipment manufacturing industry. The SOP of this project passed the certification for process, quality, environmental protection and safety as per the SAIC Volkswagen's global unified standard in November 2014 and passed the acceptance inspection in July 2015.






Shanghai Volkswagen (Xinjiang) Painting Shop Project


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