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  • 侧围转台Side wall turntable.jpg
  • 后围线2.jpg
  • 地板线2Floor line 2.jpg
  • 后围线Rear wall line.jpg
  • 地板线1Floor line 1.jpg
  • 主线总拼General assembly of main line.jpg

Shangqi Hongyan Project

AE undertook the SAIC Hongyan commercial vehicle capacity expansion welding project and transformed manual production line and semi-auto production line to full-auto production line. The run at rate is increased from 17JPH to 26JPH. The new automatic lines include floor division and splicing line, side wall line, rear wall line, closure line, main welding line, WBS conveying line and finishing line, thus can be used for the joint-line production of 10 basic vehicle types. This project covers processes like spot welding, projection welding, gluing, arc welding and edge rolling and devices like electric slipway, servo turntable, APC and visual guidance. So far, this project has entered the installation phase.






Shangqi Hongyan Project


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