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Li Xiang Motor X01&X02 Project

AE cooperates with Li Xiang Motor, one of the three major vehicle manufacturers, and undertook the full-flexible production line project for X01&X02 car floor of Changzhou Base. The scope of supply covers engine compartment assembly line, rear floor assembly line, front floor assembly line, front wheel casing assembly line, rear floor outer plate line, rear floor framework assembly line, floor assembly line, aerial APC and aerial EMS. The production line is planned to be 40JPH and meets 3-type flexible production on the same line through turntable rotation switching. Wherein, there are processes include spot welding, SPR (self-piercing riveting), gluing, visual conveying and online measurement. Until now, this project has started the equipment mobilization and installation and will proceed to SOP in October 2022.






Li Xiang Motor X01&X02 Project


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