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BYD Shenzhen,Xi’an,Changsha,Changzhou Welding Projects

BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. and AE carried out in-depth cooperation in the field of welding in the four major bases in Shenzhen, Xi'an, Changsha and Changzhou. They undertook BYD automatic main welding line in 2014. From then on, they gradually expanded and deepened the scope of cooperation. At present, AE has successively undertaken bases of BYD Automobile stage-II sub-assembly automatic flexible line, stage-I sub-assembly automatic flexible line, lower car body flexibility, lower car body repair welding line, main welding line, top cover line, car body repair welding line, adjustment line, FDS, EMS, clamp flexibly library, the arc welding station for small parts and other projects. BYD Automobile's best-sellers, Qin, Qin plus, Qin pro, Han, Tang, Song, Song Max, D1, e2 and e3, are all manufactured by using the production lines constructed by AE.






BYD Shenzhen,Xi’an,Changsha,Changzhou Welding Projects


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