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Hefei Chang'an Phase II Painting and General Assembly Project Completed the Final Acceptance Successfully

The phase II painting and general assembly project contracted by Automotive Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as AE) completed the final acceptance successfully on August 12th.
AE has made a lot of management work in the project planning, schedule response, safety management, risk control, resource allocation, mutual coordination and other aspects and the project has finally achieved excellent results.
Hefei Chang'an phase II project is an important step in the strategic adjustment of Chang'an automobile manufacturing base, and also a key measure for Hefei Chang'an to move towards a higher platform. More than 170,000 vehicles have been produced from the production line of phase II since the project was officially put into production in July 2019, which has effectively promoted the hot sale of the main model cs75plus and is of great significance for the cooperation of subsequent projects.