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AE holds 2019 review and summary meeting on training formanagement staff members and reserve talent

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AE holds 2019 review and summary meeting on training formanagement staff members and reserve talent

Training News
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2020/04/03 17:22
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In order to seize opportunities and rise to challenges in the era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), it is of great importance to reserve a competent and tiered management staff team consisting of quantities of talent persistent with good style of work during the Company's critical period of management improvement, transformation and upgrading. It is a serious organizational behavior to train and empower the management staff team. Equal emphasis on strict management and great kindness should be put. Incentives and constraints should be simultaneously promoted. In this way, the Company will be able to develop the vitality and drive innovation. To this end, from May to the end of October 2019, the Human Resources Division of Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE) organized and implemented a series of training for the Company's management staff members and reserve talent. On January 11, 2020, the Review and Summary Meeting and Commendation Meeting for the training was held.

In 2019, AE attached great importance to the series of training for management staff members and reserve talents. All divisions have provided strong support and trainees have shown great enthusiasm for participation with outstanding results achieved. The training lasted for six months. A total of 252 on-the-job management staff members, reserve members and talents with great potentials from the headquarters and secondary institutions have been trained with 21 courses taught, including 6 public courses and 15 customized courses from various institutions. The actual class hours totaled 11,826. A total of 950 post-study notes totaling 242,000 Chinese characters were submitted; 178 trainees submitted study notes on "Product Innovation", amounting to 387,000 Chinese characters; 229 trainees submitted annual study reports, amounting to 798,000 Chinese characters. In this process, the Human Resources Division of AE actively made use of various means such as online course assessment, study notes submission, learning summaries collection, excellent work exhibition and evaluation, and learning reports writing to stimulate the trainees' awareness and interest in participation in a timely manner and create a study-oriented atmosphere featuring learning, thinking, sharing and practice. Through this series of training, the sense of discipline has been significantly enhanced among the management staff members. The vast number of trainees have broadened their horizons and expanded their way of thinking with their job competence effectively promoted. The position-relevant training has helped the initial formation of an organizational atmosphere that management staff members take delight in learning and thinking. At the same time, it has strengthened the sense of belonging and cohesion of such members.

This large-scale and long-term training for management staff members is only an incentive behavior. The Company aims to take this opportunity to form a sound atmosphere and establish a long-term mechanism. In the future, management staff members training and learning will be normalized and incorporated into the daily management and assessment against them, and will become one of the measures for talent selection, cultivation, employment and retention.Continuous improvement and perfection will also be carried out in practice. At the same time, management staff members should equip themselves with more capabilities and achieve self-development in work. It is always essential to keep learning so that we are enabled to pursue the great cause that shall never cease.

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