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Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry manufacturing development project Environmental Impact Assessment of Public Participation second information bulletin

Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. by the Tianjin Fourth Baitai Jewelry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. commissioned the development of Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry manufacturing project environmental impact assessment.

Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. by the Tianjin Fourth Baitai Jewelry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. commissioned the development of Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry manufacturing project environmental impact assessment. Now "Interim Measures on the Environmental Impact Assessment of Public Participation" in accordance with the provisions, is now on environmental Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry manufacturing R & D projects mainly affect the public the content of the report as follows:


1 Project Brief cases

Our jewelery industry is a sunrise industry in China's sustained and rapid economic growth and rising per capita income background, people meet basic needs on the basis of on increasing the consumption of luxury goods, China's jewelry consumption has entered High-speed development stage, becoming the housing, automobile third largest consumer hot spot of the Chinese people; jewelry consumption value preservation is not just to satisfy a simple need, more is to meet its artistic and spiritual needs, it is the pursuit of fashion, highlighting need personality and status, the new consumer demand will become a new growth point of China's jewelry consumer market.


Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen hundred Thai investment holding company, was established in March 24, 2015, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the main business of gold and silver jewelry production, processing, wholesale business; jewelry equipment design, development, production; import and export business and domestic trade.


In order to meet market needs, Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. plans to invest 20 million yuan construction of Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry manufacturing R & D projects. The project is located in the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Huayuan Science and Technology Park, No. 8 Azusa Court Road, rent a hundred Thai Industrial Co., Ltd. of Tianjin existing office buildings and production.


The project is mainly on production and processing of gold purchased and technology research and development. Depending on market demand, trend research and design different styles, and then for processing. After the project is completed, the proposed processing gold jewelry 10t. The project is planned to start construction in October 2015, November 2015 completed use.


2 construction project on the environment may affect Overview

Construction dust, construction noise, construction waste water and solid waste: The project under reasonable control measures to strengthen the environmental management of the premise, the construction period will not cause a serious impact on the environment.


Exhaust gas: pour melted wax molding process to produce volatile organic waste (VOCs), when silver silver oil painting oil step, organic components of volatile oil silver organic waste generated by two 15m high exhaust emission purification after activated carbon adsorption, their emission rates, emission concentrations meet the Tianjin local standards "Industrial enterprises volatile organic emission control standards" (DB12 / 524-2014) limit requirements.


Pour molding process provided in the pickling process after processing chamber, electroforming process provided in the pickling process hanging indoor color, the use of a mixed solution of oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid are. Pickling washed with tap water, the pickling process carried out in a fume hood, oxalic acid and hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid was produced volatiles. After all volatiles by lye purification device purifying spray absorption by the two 15m high exhaust emissions, their emission rates and emission concentrations meet the "Air Pollutant Emission Standards" (two) requirements.


The project to build a medium-sized two-story factory canteen, kitchen cooking process will produce a certain amount of smoke, mainly from cooking, frying and other food processing. After canteen fumes fume emission purification apparatus for processing, to meet the "cooking fume emission standards" (GB18483-2001) of 2.0mg / m3 requirements.


Wastewater: The project is mainly domestic sewage discharge wastewater and polish washing wastewater containing gypsum waste water cleaning, pour molding acid-containing cleaning water, lye spray mist scrubber wastewater wastewater. The project sewage through septic tanks, grease traps and sewage treatment facility by the plant after production mix treated wastewater, drainage water quality meet DB12 / 356-2008 "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" (Grade 3).


Noise: The main noise source is the press, tableting machines, hydraulic machines, cable trombone machines, cars spend machines, washing machines, polishing machines and other equipment and ground source heat pumps, fans and other canteen soot emissions, which are set in the various production facilities inside the plant and the use of low-noise equipment, plant a variety of devices within the predicted noise source intensity of about 60 ~ 80dB (A), by building insulation, the external environment has little effect after the distance attenuation.


Solid Waste: Solid waste generated by the project in the factory classification, storage alone, after which the general packaging and other recyclable waste materials collected separately sold outside recycling sector recycling; cyanide waste, waste acid and acid washing wastewater containing silver , neutralization tank sludge, waste bottles, waste activated carbon and other hazardous waste disposal hazardous waste entrust qualified units unified disposal; collect gold dust, gold scrap, scrap, waste recycling paraffin; waste gypsum and silver recovered by the original supplier recycling; garbage removal by the local sanitation department unified process. Solid waste disposal project can be reasonably, it will not impact on the surrounding environment.


Point 3 to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts of policies and measures

3.1 Construction Period


Dust control measures during construction: The construction of the dust is mainly decorative installation, construction dust construction garbage removal, transportation building decoration materials and equipment, such as produce. Therefore, the construction dust take timely watering, timely removal of construction waste and other measures to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of construction dust. The project in the renovation process, the use of protective equipment for decoration dust, while controlling the decoration and construction time. In summary, by strengthening construction management, taking over a series of measures can significantly reduce air pollution caused by construction.


Construction of noise control measures: Avoid at night (the day 22:00 to 6:00 the next day) of construction work generated serious noise pollution; use of low-noise machinery and equipment, while strengthening the maintenance and management of equipment to keep it in good working condition, the reduce noise pollution to a minimum, all types of machinery and equipment should stop working off the engine; strictly implement the relevant provisions of GB12523-2011 "Construction Site environmental noise emission standards" standards.


Construction of wastewater prevention measures: fewer construction workers sewage generation, relying on the existing plant sewers into municipal sewage pipe network; vehicle after removing silt washing wastewater reuse for construction site dust suppression. Less the amount of wastewater generated during construction, and water quality is simple, easy to handle, by taking the necessary measures to deal with no significant impact on surface water environment.


Construction of the solid waste prevention measures: focus stacking and promptly clean up, Sinotrans to the relevant departments designated place, to prevent secondary pollution outdoor long pile that may arise.


3.2 operation period


Exhaust gas control: After the operation of the main pollutants reverse mold and electroforming process produces oxalic acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid volatiles mist scrubber consists of a 15m high purified exhaust emissions standards, respectively; pour mold step and step on the silver oil volatile organic waste generated by a 15m high exhaust emissions standards were collected; canteen fumes and exhaust gas purification device after purification by fume flue in the roof by a dedicated fume emissions.


Wastewater control: main washing wastewater sewage and production staff, sewage through septic tanks and grease traps, wastewater by precipitation, respectively, during and after treatment mixing emission can meet DB12 / 356-2008 "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard "(Grade 3).


Noise control: low-noise equipment, shock absorption silencer, the building insulation and a series of measures.


Solid Waste Prevention and Control: The project generated solid waste classification in the factory, separate storage, where gold scrap, debris, collected gold dust, waste recycling paraffin; after ordinary packaging materials collected separately sold outside recycling sector recycling; waste by the original supplier of gypsum recycling; waste containing cyanide, acid and acid containing silver cleaning wastewater, waste packaging bottles entrust hazardous waste hazardous waste processing unit unified qualification disposal; garbage, and tank sludge Uniform removal process by the local sanitation department.


Point 4 environmental impact report presented the conclusions of the environmental impact assessment

The project is located within the range of industrial land in the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the site is feasible.


According to the Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011), the project is not included in one of the restricted category, out of class directory, in line with national industrial policy.


The project emissions of air, water, noise and other pollutants are to take appropriate measures to control environmental management, solid waste disposal reasonable whereabouts requirements can be achieved after the project put into pollutant discharge standards. Ensure effective implementation of the project in construction and operation of the environmental management measures to ensure environmental protection investment in full under the premise of investment, project environmentally feasible.


Range and 5 major issues for public comment

The construction project will have a favorable or unfavorable impact on your life and affect the environment, and for your area. Specifically include: ① Status Area of ​​major environmental problems which regard; potential environmental impact of your life on ② construction project operation period; ③ your attitude and pollution prevention recommendations for the project construction.


6 specific form for public comment

Detailed comments you can contact by telephone or e-mail with the construction or EIA unit.


7 public comments starting and ending time

Please September 14 2015 to September 2015 within 25 days, the public opinion feedback, and provide contact information for feedback.


Construction unit and EIA agencies "Letters of the environmental impact report," the public can ask to read, to learn more about the project EIA cases.


8 construction unit name and contact information

The construction unit name: Tianjin hundred Thai jewelry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Construction Address: No.8 Binhai Tianjin Huayuan Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Science Park, Azusa Court Road


Construction Unit Contact: Ms. Qiu


Construction Unit Contact: 13820231090


9 undertake environmental impact assessment of the agency and contact information

EIA Institution: Fourth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.


EIA agency certificate number: State A word EIA Certificate No. 2505


EIA agency Address: 13 Xiyuan Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang City, Henan Province,


EIA agencies Contact: Ms. Wang


EIA agencies Contact: 022-87868255, wangcuixineia @