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AE was awarded the “Excellent Supplier” with JALON (Thailand) New Factory Project Put into Operation

The completion and commissioning ceremony of Phase I of JALON (Thailand) new factory construction project undertaken by AE was grandly held in Chonburi Industrial Park, Thailand. Based on the excellent performance in the implementation of the project, AE was awarded "Excellent Supplier" by the owner.

This project is the first overseas production base invested by JALON, as well as the responds to "one belt, one road" initiative. It covers an area of 52,000 square meters, uses advanced technology and introduces automatic and efficient production equipment. It is expected to form the production and manufacturing capacity of more than 12,000 tons of formed molecular sieves after reaching the production capacity. The first phase of the project, with a construction area of 12,000 square meters, was EPC contracted by AE. It started construction on December 16, 2020, and met all the needs of customer for process production and commissioning on August 30, 2021. At the same time, it successfully passed the acceptance of IEAT of Thai government on September 20.

During the project construction, to ensure delivering the project to the customer on time as planned, the project team of AE carefully organized and made breakthroughs, completely relied on local resources in Thailand for project implementation, established a localized civil construction team and selected public engineering construction resources. The engineers also changed their roles from the previous pure theoretical guidance into site application practice, with the cooperation of project team in China and Thailand, AE successfully put into use of the gas, air compressor, high-voltage 22kv power transmission, fire pump and fire alarm system on schedule, which reflects the independent construction ability of AE in extreme cases.

During the implementation of the project, AE deeply combined the application of BIM, and reached the "Part Level (LOD400)" standard. The prefabrication and assembly rate of single public systems such as workshops and station buildings has reached 100%, taking the lead in realizing the new engineering mode of "Domestic Centralized Procurement, Processing + Foreign Labor Assembly", accelerating the construction progress, improving the installation efficiency, and saving the project cost, while ensuring the construction safety and quality.

The successful implementation of the project is an excellent practice of the localization strategy of AE in the construction field, highlighting the differentiated advantages in the overseas market competition, and once again proves the comprehensive strength of AE's EPC business in the overseas market, laying a solid foundation for improving AE's brand influence.