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SAIC Cloud Computing Center Platform Construction Project Passed the Final Acceptance

SAIC cloud computing center platform construction project, the largest and most advanced cloud computing center in the automotive industry, passed the project final acceptance on October 20th, 2021, erecting a "sail" landmark for SAIC passenger car Zhengzhou plant.



The total construction area of the cloud computing center is about 16000 square meters, with 20000 servers. It is designed and built according to international T3 + and domestic A-level standards. The near top construction standards put forward strict requirements for all links of engineering design and construction.

Li Zhengxiao, director of engineering design center, plans and guides all key links of EPC; The design takes "sail" as the theme, uses BIM means to create a clean and unified industrial wind by means of central electromechanical tube well, sinking bottom plate pipeline channel, pipe network through beam, comprehensive pipeline support, etc.

The EPC delivery of the cloud computing center platform construction project deepened the cooperative relationship between AE and SAIC, and helped SAIC's strategic transformation and the upgrading of Zhengzhou's automobile industrial structure.