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The 4th Employee Track Meet of Automotive Engineering Corporation comes to a successful conclusion


On May 25, the 4th Employee Track Meet of Automotive Engineering Corporation, titled "Chinese Dream · Labor Glory- 'Going for Dream and Achieve Systematic Growth', was successfully held in Tianjin, with a total of 40 competition events, including 34 track and field events and 6 fun events. A total of 16 representative teams from the company headquarters and subordinate enterprises participated in the meet, and nearly 800 employees and their family members gathered together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.




At 8:30 am, the opening ceremony began, with flags fluttering and crowds moving on the green field. Accompanied by powerful music, the national flag team, flagman team, referee representative team, and athlete formation entered the field in proper order. The athletes were marching with vigorous pace, full of spirit and high fighting spirit, and their resounding slogans demonstrated the determination of AE staff to base themselves on their own positions, and to "innovate and transform, improve quality and efficiency, and grow systematically". Accompanied by splendid fireworks, the energetic cheerleading ignited the whole venue. In the hot atmosphere, Yang Lianbo, Assistant General Manager of the Company and the Chairman of the Labor Union, made an opening speech for this sports meet. He said that this employee sports meet is not only a review of the sports quality and spirituality of all cadres and staff, but also a test of the team spirit, sense of competition, and fighting spirit of each participating team, and even also a practice of the Company's vision of "higher pursuit, better life".




In the venue, the athletes on this side ran passionately, while the "giants" put shot in a beautiful arc. The high jump and long jump players showcased their charm. Despite the light rain during the period, it did not affect the athletes' passion, on the contrary they broke records time and time again. Unlike the fiery atmosphere in track and field event, this year we added a parent-child competition. The family members joined hands to complete the challenges, either warm and harmonious, or being full of childishness, creating a joyful atmosphere.



This sports meet is a stage for employees to showcase their style and passion, as well as a platform for the teams to get together and communicate, and even a grand event for uniting and gathering strength. It ignites the enthusiasm of the employees, and they will continue the spirit of daring to fight, unity and forge ahead in their future work and life, and with full enthusiasm, high fighting spirit, and fighting spirit, will help the Company's high-quality development to create a more brilliant future.