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Zhang Haikang, gainer of the "National May Day Labor Medal": Scaling the heights of modern science and technology is my mission and ideal

"Science and technology self-reliance and self-dependence, as well as independent innovation, is the foundation of prosperity of country and essential of security. As a technology R&D personnel, scaling the heights of modern science and technology is my mission and ideal".

——Zhang Haikang, gainer of the "National May Day Labor Medal" from Automotive Engineering Corporation



He has focused on building self-owned brands

He has won initial success of China's "smart manufacturing" brand


Over the past 30 years, I have filled multiple gaps in the field of automotive equipment manufacturing in China, saving over 15% of investment annually for automotive manufacturing enterprises. I have signed contracts totaling over 4 billion yuan and achieved profits of 400 million yuan. Moreover, I have hosted multiple scientific research projects of the state, Tianjin, and Sinomach, and obtained over 20 invention patents.


He has deeply cultivated science and technology self-reliance

He has developed science and technology for a bright future


He has deeply cultivated the R&D of automobile intelligent manufacturing, new materials and equipment, as well as energy-saving control fields and technologies, and led a team to undertake multiple national and provincial and municipal scientific and technological innovation projects, forming a demonstration application case of intelligent manufacturing in Tianjin, reaching the world's advanced level.


He has set an example and earnestly practiced

He has cultivated new forces for the sustainable development of science and technology


He has taken the discovery, cultivation, and recommendation of young talents as an important task, taught by personal example as well as verbal instruction, paved the way for outstanding innovative talents to stand out, and cultivated talents for sustainable development of the scientific cause, so that nearly a hundred young employees have rapidly grown into independent project leaders through his training. Their growth and research achievements have injected strong innovation momentum into enhancing China's competitive advantage in the world automotive industry engineering field.