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Xu Jian, Academician of CAE and Chief Scientist of Sinomach, Shares on the Theme of Frontier Technology and Standard System of Engineering Vibration Control in the AE Lecture Hall

On March 8, the first phase of the 2024 annual AE Lecture of Automotive Engineering Corporation was held, and Xu Jian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and chief scientist of Sinomach, was invited to share on the theme. The AE Lecture was presided over by Dai Min, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Automotive Engineering Corporation. More than 200 company leaders, chief experts and technical experts, leaders of relevant departments, and technical R&D personnel attended the meeting.



Academician Xu Jian, on the theme of Frontier Technology and Standard System of Engineering Vibration Control, gave a simple but profound lecture on the development trends of vibration control theory, and comprehensively introduced the construction ideas of the engineering vibration control standard system.



Automotive Engineering Corporation has long attached great importance to the research of engineering vibration control technology. Since its establishment in 2017, the Engineering Vibration Research Laboratory has conducted multiple fundamental and forward-looking studies on the vibration and noise problems faced in engineering, providing systematic solutions to a large number of engineering and technical problems for the Company. It has trained a group of young scientific and technological talents, participated in the formulation of multiple national and industry standards, expanded professional perspectives, and significantly improved the Company's technical level in related fields.



Dai Min expressed gratitude to Academician Xu Jian for his long-term care and support for Automotive Engineering Corporation. He stated that inviting academicians, masters, and industry experts to give lectures and clarify doubts at Automotive Engineering Corporation and encouraging internal experts to share and exchange ideas on stage, is to achieve high-level, self-reliance and self-improvement, create new quality productive forces, enhance core competitiveness, "forge the advantages of Sinomach, and serve the needs of the country"; what's more, using the AE Lecture as a platform, we aim to broaden our horizons, strengthen communication, actively create an innovative, diverse, and open academic atmosphere, and explore and practice in activating and empowering research and innovation teams.



After the AE Lecture, Academician Xu Jian and Director Hu Mingyi of the Engineering Vibration Control Technology Research Center of Sinomach had in-depth exchanges and discussions with leaders of Automotive Engineering Corporation, relevant professional department heads, and technical personnel on vibration research review, subject project cooperation, and the next step of standardization construction.