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AE holds its 2024 Working Conference and Employees' Congress


On January 19, AE held its 2024 Working Conference and Employees' Congress. Guided by Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the conference thoroughly implemented the guiding principles of the Party’s 20th National Congress, the deployment of the Central Economic Working Conference and the meeting of Persons in Charge of Central Enterprises, the requirements of the working conferences of Sinomach and Sinomach Automobile, summarized the work in 2023, analyzed the internal and external situation, deployed the key work in 2024, thus unifying the ideological understanding with resolution to create a newly high-quality development of the enterprise.

The conference was presided over by Jia Xijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Automotive Engineering Corporation. A total of 302 persons attended the conference, including the leaders, chief experts, technical experts, all middle-level cadres, members of the Expert Advisory Committee, employee's representative, members of the Labor Union Committee, chairman of the sub-labor union, members of the Youth League Committee, league branch secretary, and award-winning representatives, with sub-venues of video conference set in secondary organizations simultaneously. Relevant leaders and external directors and supervisors of Sinomach Automobile attended the conference in the form of video.



At the conference, Dai Min, Deputy General Manager of Sinomach Automobile conveyed the spirit of the 2024 Working Conference of Sinomach and Sinomach Automobile and made the 2024 working report of the Company entitled Innovation for Change·Quality and Efficiency Improvement·Systematic Growth. Based on four aspects of "steady growth", "increasing advantages", "strong governance" and "emphasis on implementation", the report systematically reviewed the work in 2023, and fully affirmed the precious achievements. At the same time, it deeply examined shortcomings during the Company’s development and proposed the "Eight Strategic Consensus" on the basis of the analysis on the internal and external ambient and the "14th Five-Year Plan" strategy implementation. Besides, it proposed to grasp the "five relationships" for 2024 and future work and make deployment for key work in 2024.

Dai Min stressed that the Company should fully implement the deployment requirements of the working conferences of Sinomach and Sinomach Automobile, act on the principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through progress, and establishing the new before abolishing the old, focus on improving core functions and competitiveness, led by the "14th Five-Year Plan", themed on innovation for change, gripped by quality and efficiency improvement, and aimed at systematic growth, unswervingly implement all key tasks of high-quality development, play the role of technical innovation, industrial control, and security support, firmly follow the path of high-quality development, and strive to achieve the annual goals and tasks, paying tribute to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, making new and greater contributions to building a socialist modernized country in all aspects and advancing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with a Chinese-style modernization.


Jia Xijun made a summary report on 2023 business operation of the Company titled Gathering the Strength·Forging Ahead with Resolution. The report provides a comprehensive summary of the Company's work in from three aspects: the overall annual business operation, growth of three business categories driven by capacity enhancement, and progress of overall advancement of system governance and lean management. Last year, under the dual test of "change" and "involution" and heavy pressure from the outside, all AE employees made great efforts to forge ahead with resolution, and hit a new record in both operation charges and business income; with the rapid development of overseas business, record highs in both contract amount and charge amount have been made, leading to a more optimized layout of three major businesses; by exceeding the value and expectations of customers, a series of recognition and awards have been achieved from industry customers; remarkable results have been made in strategic execution, system governance, business- finance integration, marketing management, overseas operation, informatization construction, technical quality, risk prevention and control, talent empowerment, brand building, service upgrade, and party building leadership.



Zheng Hui, Director of Assets and Finance Department, made a report on the 2023 annual financial accounts and the 2024 annual financial budget of the Company. In addition, the democratic evaluation of leaders and satisfaction evaluation of the employees of the Company were conducted at the conference.



At the conference, the Company commended 2023 award-winning projects above industry level and technological innovation award-winning projects of the Company, 2023 annual advanced individuals of customer recognition and marketing of the Company, 2023 annual advanced groups and advanced individuals of the Company. Employees were led to follow advanced examples with concerted efforts and solidarity, making greater and new contributions to achieve the Company's high-quality development.

In the end, Jia Xijun proposed three requirements on the implementation of the 2024 working conference spirit and grasping the 2024 work task target decomposition: First, we should focus on keys for implementation, and all departments should deeply learn the 2024 annual work report, with a focus on 2024 general tone of "Innovation for Change, Quality and Efficiency Improvement, and Systematic Growth", and firmly implement the key tasks of high-quality development. Second, we should refine goals for implementation, and departments should rapidly learn and discuss the conference to convey and understand its spirit timely, and ensure the deployment, promotion, and implementation of each work, making each business goal and key work are always under control and thus ensuring high quality and full completion of 2024 goals and objectives. Third, we should improve the work style for implementation. Faced with the severe external condition and arduous tasks, all departments should implement plans with a pragmatic, conscientious, and efficient attitude and style of "striving for any seconds without waiting"; contribute to turning thoughts into plans, and plans into actions, and surmount all obstacles with fearless, determination, and courageous spirit to strive and achieve results.

Great truths are always simple, and one of them is action speaks louder than words. Faced with new opportunities and greater challenges, 2024 serves as the key year to achieve goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan". Only by forging ahead with the spirit of "breakthrough" and pioneering with the vigor of "creation" can we tackle difficulties and win in the future. We have to avoid the distractions of unsubstantial ideas and superficial fame. We should bear the mission, stride forward, and get involved in the times to write a new chapter with struggles! Let's embrace a new journey and meet again in a better future!