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SAIC CP Thailand Painting Shop Project

This project serves as a model project in China-Thailand cooperation during the state's Belt and Road Initiative. It is also the first overseas Painting and production line for passenger cars of SAIC, with an annual output of 135,000 vehicles (including Phase II). The main products are ZS11, SK82 (LDV pickup truck) and other own vehicle types of SAIC. This is the first production line to adopt new process devices, including swing rod bearing, pre-treatment electrophoresis chamber structured by thin plate + outer framework, all-straight oven, air conditioning air supply and exhaust system that requires low energy consumption and adapts to local climate, and primer airborne friction conveying equipment. This project was constructed in a rapid and efficient way and its products are sold to ASEAN countries. It won the title of "the Best Supplier" granted by SAIC in 2018.






SAIC CP Thailand Painting Shop Project


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