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SGMW Series General Contract Project (domestic)

AE assists SGMW in constructing four major production bases in China, i.e. Liuzhou (Hexi and Baojun), Qingdao and Chongqing. Wherein, Baojun base and Chongqing base are of whole-plant general contracting. The total run at rate is 438JPH. The plant is capable of producing 2.9 million vehicles a year. The production processes follow the general global standards for Painting processes and passenger cars to realize flexible, lean and green production. With AE's efficient management and quality products, SGMW strongly guarantees the position as the first domestic enterprise reaching an annual output of 2 million vehicles in 2015. It won the medals for "the Best Partner of the Decade" and "the Thousands of Road Honor Award" issued by SGMW.






SGMW Series General Contract Project (domestic)


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