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  • 仪装线Instrument assembly line.jpg
  • 合装工位Combination assembly station -2.jpg
  • 车间一景A picture of the workshop.jpg
  • 合装工位Combination assembly station.jpg
  • PDI线PDI line.jpg
  • 自动拧紧工位Automatic tightening station.jpg
  • 外装线轮胎站Tire station of exterior line.jpg
  • 仪装线Instrument assembly line .jpg
  • 内饰线-外装线Interior line - exterior line.jpg
  • 外装线座椅站Seat station of exterior line.jpg
  • 自动拧紧Automatic tightening.jpg
  • 合装线Combination assembly line .jpg

GAC New Energy General Assembly Shop Conveyor Line Project

the designed cycle time of the project is 60JPH. The project is the flagship experience plant prepared by GAC for the future electrification trend. For the first time, the project adopts the automatic combination assembly and tightening technology for chassis used by European automakers, and absorbs the concept of "rootless production" of Japanese lean production. The products include S, LX, V, Y and other models of AION series. The project started construction in July 2018 and the SOP began in May 2019.



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GAC New Energy General Assembly Shop Conveyor Line Project


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