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BMW Shenyang and Hungary Project

BMW Lydia&F100 Painting Equipment General Contract Project
Lydia&F100 Project is a green, energy-saving and innovative benchmark plant for Painting in line with the highest standards and is established by the BMW Group. Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE) provides BMW with high-end technical devices for functions like AGV vehicle body conveying, robot waxing & foaming and marking defects on vehicle body with laser, as well as multiple energy-saving devices for purposes like skid-free carrying and exhaust waste heat recovery. As a result, this project is one of the most advanced Painting workshops globe-wide. The current project implementation effects have won the unanimous praise of BMW customers, consolidating the strategic cooperation between this project and the BMW Group and largely driving forward the establishment of AE's international brand influences, the exploitation of AE's overseas markets and the improvement of management technical standards.






BMW Shenyang and Hungary Project


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