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Foton Daimler Painting Shop Project

Based on the global platform strategy for Daimler truck and the goal of "exclusively made in China", this project produces and sells Mercedes-Benz tractors and brand new heavy tractors in China. Project location: No. 3 Foton Daimler Plant, Huairou District, Beijing. The production line includes vehicle body line, line of plastic parts and stereoscopic warehouse, with a total run at rate of 14JPH. The pre-treated electrophoreses adopt upender for delivery. The Painting supply system is a high-efficiency energy-saving Pig system. The spray booth adopts the latest generation-III dry-type carton system for Painting mist treatment. The production line was designed and constructed fully in accordance with the global standard Daimler I6.



Complete Manufacturing Equipment EPC



Foton Daimler Painting Shop Project


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