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Beijing Benz Shunyi Painting Shop Project

Shunyi Plant, as the first Benz plant for all types of full-electric vehicles in China, is transformed and improved in accordance with Daimler technical and management standards to comply with the new requirements on process planning, human-computer design, environmental protection, high efficiency, flexibility, intellectualization, etc. The Painting project is a complex and large-scale overall transformation project. It adopts process 3C2B is changed to water-based IPII process and adds water-based wax injection process, wax drying process and foaming process. The project achieves 100% automatic Painting spraying and 90% automatic gluing through robot modification and realizes green and environment-friendly production by adopting high-efficiency energy-saving devices, e.g. dry-type Painting mist collection device, purified water regeneration system, exhaust gas concentrating runner, air conditioning, circulating and heat recovery device and the heat recovery device of exhaust incinerator.



Complete Manufacturing Equipment EPC



Beijing Benz Shunyi Painting Shop Project


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