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Advanced Technology

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AE's Technical Capabilities in Engineering Construction

 ● AE has the ability to contract mass automotive production lines and has reached the same level as the world-class companies.

 ● In the technical field of design and manufacturing of coating line, assembly line and conveyor line, AE has core technologies covering water soluble paint, rotation convey, dry spray booth, IMES, friction drive, and new conveyor system, as well as automatic control technology for mass production, and has reliable manufacturing capability. The reliability and stability of production line operation, the service life of core parts and the quality standards of products meet the international standards.

 ● By undertaking joint venture automotive project of European brands, American brands and Japanese Brands, AE has mastered the technological characteristics, quality standards, management modes and other technologies of automotive production of developed countries, providing technical guarantee for undertaking domestic self-owned brand projects.

 ● Technical capability in lean design

Ø Energy consumption index, area index and investment index have been optimized.

Ø In the factory building design, the steel consumption index of the building can be optimized.


Core general assembly technology

 ● Excellent planning scheme for 0.5 JPH~70JPH general assembly shop

 ● Assembly system solutions for all series of passenger vehicles including European, American, Japanese, Korean series and self-owned brands

 ● Assembly solutions for electric/fuel/hybrid passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, motorcycles, tractors, etc.

 ● High-precision and fully automatic assembly line technology

 ● Highly flexible production line, and assembly island technology

 ● Battery pack module and automatic pack assembly line

 ● Automatic assembly technology for window glass, tires, seats, instrument panels, etc.

 ● MES/Andon/Industry 4.0 data transmission technology

 ● Lifting and rotary EMS/FDS/skillet conveyor line/roller bed /JIT/P&F and conveyor line technologies for all series

 ● AGV system and highly flexible scheduling system for assembly

 ● Big data and preventive maintenance solution

Core welding technology

 ● Excellent planning scheme for 0.5 JPH~60JPH welding shop

 ● Aluminum body riveting, spot welding, carbon fiber bonding, steel-aluminum welding, and arc welding technologies

 ● Multiple flexible assembly technologies, such as Open GATE, FLEX GATE, EMS GATE, hub type flexible assembly, and robot-gripper-based assembly.

 ● Laser welding and laser cutting technologies

 ● Robotic roller hemming, door / hood hemming, flying hemming, and online hemming technologies

 ● APC/EMS/ROLLER BED/SHUTTLE/FDS/Servo slip/Turntable/Gripper and other welding conveyor technologies

 ● Robot simulation, robot debugging, logistics simulation, offline programming, and virtual debugging technologies       

Core logistics technology

 ● Comprehensive analysis solution for factory and civil logistics, and planning on logistics system simulation

 ● AGV system for logistics system, featuring highly flexible SLAM/ Magnetic Strip/Vision and other navigation technologies

 ● Highly flexible scheduling system

 ● 200m/min high-speed RGV

 ● Logistics technology for 50kg~3000kg stereo warehouse

 ● Stereo garage system

 ● Intelligent sorting system



Painting gas incinerator

Rotating roller bed

BIW welding wire


Plate chain conveyor assembly line

Interior reticle assembly line

Welding fixture


Painting pendulum conveyor line

Duplexes transitional Machine

Fork transfer machine