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Talent Strategy

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Talent Strategy

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  "Appreciating use, only the best" is our employment purposes,

  "To attract talent, develop talent" is our consistent policy.

  "Committed to the enterprise, staff quality improvement; commitment to corporate, employee benefits grow faster;

  Committed to the enterprise, employees form the core competence; committed to the enterprise, employees to the success of environmental construction. "


  Talent is the first resource, is the development of enterprises, the competition in this. Engineering Co., Ltd. in China's auto industry, there is a broad space for personal development, good environment for personal growth, effective performance incentives, rich corporate culture and fringe benefits; Engineering Co., Ltd. in China's auto industry, there is a set of scientific recruitment, selection, use and development of human resources management system, firmly grasp the introduction of talent, training, use of three key aspects of good talent, and strengthen the talent incentive mechanism to create conditions conducive to stand out and make the best use of talent, the best use good environment. At the same time we continue to focus on improving the structure of the workforce, to enhance the overall functionality and competitiveness. Companies adhere talent overall planning, scientific setting positions, with the performance evaluation of people, motivate people with career development, with a guarantee to retain people, with cultural cohesion, with the training and development of people, continue to mobilize the staff's enthusiasm and creativity, so that the quality of staff and to adapt the company's strategic objectives, and job responsibilities to match. All this makes every ideal, the ability of people can enjoy playing in their respective positions, to achieve self-vision!


   Employees of AE have:

  Enterprise value of identity, cause of a sense of belonging,

  Struggle sense of accomplishment, a sense of life security.