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Automotive exports, "went" is also innovation

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-18

  Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Information Technology Ministry, Customs, AQSIQ, CNCA jointly issued a "further regulate automobile and motorcycle products export order of notification." "Notification" is not only to further clarify the export enterprises should have the qualifications, but also made clear that there are major export products in foreign countries and China's export quality event to cause significant adverse effects, will cancel its export qualifications. This makes the auto industry lifted, but also people see China's determination to move towards the internationalization of the automobile.

  Behind this determination, exactly it reflects the status of China's auto exports confusion. Chinese auto companies started exporting from 2001, and reach the exit the first peak in 2008, then in 2011 to break 850,000, this year is expected to exceed one million. However, the proportion of China's auto exports accounted output is too low, and the early Chinese auto companies only know the car to sell, do not know to sell cars to provide services, but also to China's automobile export situation is still not optimistic.

  Chinese automobile faces from "going out" to "go into" the great turning point. At present, China's auto exports is actually very simple manner, and now exports less than one million, the vast majority are simply a way of export trade, few are Chinese in overseas production of ways, mostly to China export declaration shipping way out.

  However, even in overseas production repairer, it does not mean that will be successful. In today's highly competitive, China's auto enterprises in all aspects of the business philosophy, management, ideological, cultural, brand, R & D, sale and other international auto giants and there is a great gap. Most export of strategic planning are lacking, it would be difficult to gain a foothold in overseas success.

  Looking back over the past decade, Chinese auto companies have with innovative products, the formation of low-cost advantage in overseas carve out a certain market. Today, to shape China's image in the world automotive products, not only to go out, more important is the "go in," so that technical standards and regulations with international standards, and in marketing services have some innovation, so innovation tight integration with overseas local markets, this is a question worth considering for China's auto industry is concerned.

  Source: Beijing Daily

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