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Competition full of passion, hard work to enhance unity - the third record four hospital workers Games

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 Competition full of passion, hard work to enhance unity
                       - On the third worker four homes games

  September chase the wind, the autumn sun bathing, September 26, the third of four hospital workers Games held in Luoyang Luo School. 453 workers from four homes in seven division will participated in the Games.

  Current Games is the third large-scale comprehensive mass sports competitions held since the founding of the four homes, one-day events, a total of 49 projects, including 26 track and field events, fun project 22, performing a project.

  8:00, the official opening of the Games, assistant general manager of the bus company, the four Zhang Lin, vice president, assistant general manager of the bus company, the four vice president Yang Ping, deputy party secretary Huang Yonggang four homes, deputy chief engineer Liu Menglong, union president Jiang Chunlin and relevant departments attended the opening ceremony. Yonggang Huang, deputy secretary of the opening statement, after the oath on behalf of athletes and referees representatives, Yang Ping, vice president announced the opening of the Games.

  Games parade, flags hand, seven division athletes will be dressed in neat sportswear, marched in robust pace eleven admission. Valiant side team, spirited face, full of four hospital staff sunny, healthy and positive mental outlook. Admission ceremony, 11 young female workers consisting of Cheerleading team to show you a cheerleading show. Girls beautiful posture, beautiful clothing, neat and full of dynamic performances of the sports arena adds another road glory.

  9:00, the game started. As the one project each bring together athletes show style, showing scenes of exciting scenes. Hundred meters track athletes actively seriously doing preparatory activities, his face filled with relaxed indifferent smile. When the starting gun sounds, like off-line arrow, ride on the track, a second speed and endurance competition, show fighting spirit of striving for excellence in athletics, and encourage everyone to watch the battle, the blood boiling in the game. The stands, cheerleaders tried shouting, waving his arms, engrossed into the tournament: hands should be patting the same rhythm, his eyes staring in the same direction, then cheered together, filled with happy and harmonious interaction of movement atmosphere ...... All these scenes to show us a strong cohesion of the four hospital workers! Although the outcome of the game, but athletes have harvested friendship, passion and joy from the game; the podium, broadcast announcer who read the manuscript from the communications arena, and still cheer for the athletes to high Han Jisheng, busy and lively . Throughout the meet intense but orderly, all reflect the progress, beyond the spirit of enterprise. Unity, fighting spirit we need to describe every one to enjoy!

  After a day of fierce competition, the final Chang mechanical and electrical division will team won the team scores first and Best Organization Award, designed to study the construction of a hospital division will, iT supervision division will team were given the team scores the second, third .

On the current Games, the participating workers in a friendship first, competition second, hard work and enterprising spirit, give full play to the team strength to courageously, race out of style, race out of the level, once again showing four homes to carry out mass sports The fruitful results. After the game, the majority of workers have said that sports events benefited both workers and physical health, fitness and create a good atmosphere, but also to promote inter-workers, communication between departments, show everyone uplifting spirit, enhance workers unity and collaboration, unity and hard work to create a harmonious and progressive corporate culture.

  The Games has been the strong support of the company, led by four homes, four homes unions, integrated management from preliminary research, event planning, publicity mobilization, material preparation to organize the Games successfully concluded, a lot of detailed work. Meanwhile, the division will actively cooperate with, do a full mobilization and organization. The Games, the performance of workers who actively and enthusiastically, many workers enrolled in a number of projects. After the Games, I believe, the majority of workers will have greater enthusiasm, more abundant energy into work for the company, the development of four homes to make more contributions.

This fall, let us harvest is not only performance, or a move, it is a kind of solidarity.

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