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Company Quality Month activities held in September to mobilize

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-15

Company Quality Month activities held in September to mobilize

  September 9, 2015 in the afternoon, the company held cum Internal Quality Month activities planned will (video conferencing) A seat conference room at the headquarters of the third and Luoyang, the second conference room. Meeting chaired by Yang Jian, deputy general manager, deputy general manager Zhang Huiyi, Huang Zhifeng, Ruan soldiers, technical director of the production department, administration chief of staff of technical quality and a total of 40 people attended the meeting.

  First by the Technical Quality Department Minister Zhan Qiao Quality Month activities, content and arrangements for internal audit to explain. The Quality Month activities under the AQSIQ and the National Machine Group requirements, work out, "attention to detail, enhance the capacity of" theme activities. Activities are divided into management audit, technical audit, on-site audit, review finished, drawings Zhanping, quality and safety of information technology and other aspects of the exam, and every aspect of the development of a special group, divided into seven groups. While emphasizing the audit focused on: the value of competition floor measures target completion; implementation of strong internal bar, implement 10 on the wall issue, external audit found problems and the problems dated check monthly.

  Features of this review and Quality Month activities take OIA combining form, content and more, involving a wide range. Classification review, and assign responsibilities. The audit for the first time increased environmental, occupational health and safety specialist operation audit and improve everyone's safety awareness and implement preventive measures.

  At the meeting, Huang Zhifeng, deputy chief and other staff for some drawings showing processes and issues were discussed and proposed requirements.

  Yang contents of this meeting are summarized, emphasizing technical audit team to strengthen the internal review of the strong, especially for "all kinds of tube wells could not be located on the road," the outstanding issues in-depth examination, not because it can record without careful design. Yang Zongjiang investigate the reasons why, indeed due to design problems, according to the provisions.

  The quality of the Month in the planning, the company attaches great importance to the leadership and departments. Steam Engineering is a rigorous, standardized, has always been customer-centric company, the company's performance continues to improve, is inseparable from the company leaders attach importance to the quality of the details, and I hope this event to improve staff quality consciousness and philosophy, improve design quality As a starting point for the work, and make sure the "quality technology and quality management 'double increase', product quality and service quality 'double satisfaction'.         

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