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Proton X70 — The First Internet SUV in Malaysian offline

Number of visits: Date:2019-09-06
       Recently, offline ceremony of Proton X70, the first Internet SUV in Malaysia was held. Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE for short) has undertaken two EPC contracts of assembly workshop and welding workshop conveyor line in this project.
       This project includes the renovation of the original workshop, the new assembly workshop and the new welding workshop. While the assembly workshop includes the main conveyor line, auxiliary conveyor line, process equipment, commodity inspection line and shower testing line; the welding workshop mainly includes three kinds of conveyor modes: roller bed line, overhead friction line and floor reverse friction line.
       AE Project Team, under the guidance of overseas strategy of AE main office, organizes and plans in a reasonable manner, strictly controls all aspects of design, manufacturing and procurement to ensure project safety, quality and progress, and is committed to making Proton project be a high quality project with high cost-performance and client satisfaction.

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